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Beautiful Ado Chale signed freeform coffee table, circa 1980, Belgium.

Blue/grey mosaic of chalcedony agate cubes in black resin top.
Bronze signature set with a ruby, inserted in the edge of the "Ado Chale" tray.
Three independent black tripod feet in wood.
Sold with a "Certificate of Authenticity" by Ado Chale.
Also offered with the book "Ado Chale" by editions Aparte, written by Ilona Chale.
Some examples of this kind of chalcedony agate table illustrated in the book.
Rare item in nice condition.
All purchases are covered by our Buyer Protection Guarantee. SOLD

Ado Chale Freeform Mosaic of Chalcedony Agate Coffee Table, circa 1980, Belgium.

SKU : OB00319
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