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Chair number 24 "Sedia sarcastica sulla propria sorte" is part of the series "100 Sedie in una Notte".
Designed by Paolo Pallucco and produced by Galleria d'Arte Contemporanea Emilio Mazzoli in Modena, Italy 1990.
Inspired by a poem by  Rainer Maria Rilke, in which the main character is facing his last night on earth, Paolo Pallucco envisioned himself spending his last night drawing 100 chairs, which resulted in the hybrid project 100 Sedie in una Notte.
Each chair has a name, given by art critic Achile Bonito Oliva.
Only four items of each design were produced over the years, each signed and numbered by Pallucco.
Blackened wood.

Paolo Pallucco "Sedia No.24" Chair, 1990 Italy.

SKU : OB00640
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